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Top Stadia Issues & Fixes to Problems

While Stadia is looking to be one of the biggest releases in this generation of gaming, there are definitely questions and concerns gamers have.

Cloud Gaming Questions

Having games on the cloud instead of accessible offline can be a bit of a concern for some people.

Google has stated that the games you buy on Stadia are in fact yours to play. They also have a feature called “Takeout”, where you can download the game’s metadata and saves.

Google and Project History

Google’s list of projects they’ve put out and then canceled is a fairly long list, with some of the more memorable ones being Google+ currently winding down and Google Glass, but there are whole websites dedicated to Google’s “Graveyards”.

What makes Stadia different however, is that all of those previous products with the exception of Google Glass were just apps with large customer bases because Google is large, not because the apps themselves were anything to look at. Google Glass had a small production run and was more a proof of concept.

Stadia, however, is more like Google’s Chromebook and Pixels. Google’s plan seems to be to keep pushing for it to become popular along the sidelines until it’s actually popular.

That being said, even in the worst case scenario where Google did decide not to do Stadia, when Google does turn off services, they’re in a slow roll down with plenty of time to download everything you have. There is no way Stadia users will ever just wake up to find their entire system gone. That’s not how Google has ever done things.

No Fear Stadia Testing!

If you’re really pinching pennies, the free version streams at 60 FPS and 1080p, with the Stadia Subscribers

The monthly fee is optional, covering 4K and Surround Sound. Starting in 2020, 1080P with Stereo will be free. All you’ll need is a controller, currently planned to be $69, and Chromecast, and from there it will fit on any device with Chrome Browser and more.

If Stadia isn’t working for you, you can return it and the controller to Google and Google will give you your money back. If you return all the contents of the Founder Edition within 15 days after the day you recieved it, you will get your money back.

Apart from “not my style”, the main relevant reason some people are worried about Stadia not working is the part where it requires a 10 Mbps. If you’re a gamer living in Washington DC withn a 28 Mpbs or Delaware at 25 Mbps, you likely won’t notice. If you’re living in Mississippi, Idaho, or New Mexico where speeds sit at 12 Mbps, this might become a bit of an issue. On the other hand, internet speeds have been growing exponentially and the demand for this will only help boost the market!

You have no reason not to jump right in when November comes!

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