Stadia Founder's Edition

Will Stadia Have Discounts & Deals?

Gaming on Google Stadia will help gamers to save a great deal of money, instead of having to fork out hundreds of dollars just to buy that shiny new console. However, we all love a discount!

The main question on a lot of Stadia gamers’ minds, of course, is: will discounts be commonplace for Google Stadia games?

Games on the Google Stadia platform will be sold through the unique Google Stadia store. This store will likely offer hundreds of different games, and this may make it hard for game developers to differentiate their games from the other offerings.

As such, we expect that we will get the chance to see plenty of Stadia discounts. Google have already reassured developers that there will be a number of monetisation options for their games. The ability to offer discounted prices for games will almost certainly be a part of this offering, meaning there should be plenty of value for money for Stadia gamers!