Google Stadia Controllers

Google Stadia Has An Amazing Controller!

One of the surprisingly unknown top features of Google Stadia is the controller.

Understated but over-delivered, like much of what Google does, the controller is visually nothing much to look at (when compared with other controllers). Coming in basic black, basic white, and just to be quirky, a wasabi green — the Stadia Controller is a solid, straightforward controller with familiar buttons and ergonomics all too familiar to the redesigned controllers of Xbox or PS4, according to game testers at PAXWest.

The current plans appear to have Stadia interacting fully only with Stadia Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a, but gamers will be able to sign in from Android M+ or iOS 11+ devices to purchase games or manage their subscriptions. Figuring out how some of the games will engage on a touch screen will be one of the quirks we’ll be most interested to find out how Google fixes it when Stadia comes out in November!

Instead of connecting to your devices through Bluetooth, with Bluetooth’s not-so-certain reliability, the controller connects to your device through WiFi. This reduces latency, which for gaming, is essential!

It can also connect through a USB to devices capable of handing the Chrome browser, and so far, it looks like gamers can connect like most USB game controllers, and is even compatible with Mac!

Another surprise perk is that it is synced to your Stadia account, not the device, which lets you take it with you anywhere.

Coming in at only $69 USD, this controller’s one of the things we’re looking forward to in November that we weren’t expecting to look forward to, but Google took a basic tool and made it amazing! Go Google!