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September 2019 Outlook for Google Stadia

Welcome back to another article from Connect Stadia! It seems like this summer has just flown by! The weather’s cooling down, school is starting again, and August 2019 is coming to an end. Here at Connect Stadia (and we’d imagine you, too!), we’re super pumped for Google Stadia’s release in November 2019.

As Connect Stadia continues to grow and more Stadia news is released, we’ll always be covering it! We’ve learned a ton of stuff about Google Stadia throughout the past few months, since its announcement in March 2019.

Connect Stadia hopes for amazing things and even more Google Stadia news this September 2019! We can’t wait to cover the latest and greatest Google Stadia news and updates. We’re even more EXCITED about games for Stadia! Connect Stadia is looking forward to more game developers and studios being announced in September 2019.

Here’s what Stadia Did at Gamescom

They aren’t lying — Stadia went BIG at Gamescom! Did you miss it? Check out what Google Stadia did this August 2019 at Gamescom:

Let’s Not Forget Stadia Connect

We can’t forget about Stadia Connect, which also occurred on August 19, 2019! Here’s a ton more info to stay updated:

What Are You Thinking?

What are your thoughts? Were you happy, upset or neutral with how Google marketed Stadia in August? Here at Connect Stadia, we think the Stadia Connect event this month could have been better for sure. It started great, but we would have loved to see more stuff! There still seems to be a TON of people who don’t really know what Stadia is yet, and that’s concerning.

Have you formed an opinion on what’s going to happen with Google Stadia in September 2019? What do you think is in store in September, and the coming months, for Google Stadia? Thanks again for being a loyal visitor of Connect Stadia, comment below!