Google Stadia Mobile Cloud Gaming 5G

Playing Google Stadia on Mobile with 5G Data

The 5G network is actively being rolled out in all of the major cities in the world, and this new superfast internet connection will make Stadia gaming epic!

5G data has been met with something of a skeptical response by many people. A lot of people have actually been questioning the necessity of such a change… but for Stadia gamers, the addition of 5G gaming will allow for a truly seamless cloud gaming experience!

The maximum speed of the 5G platform could be as high as ten gigabits a second. With a gbps this high, any concerns about latency on the Stadia platform are practically baseless!

Google themselves have already said that Stadia should only need a connection speed of 20mbps, so there really will be no need to worry about gaming quality when the 5G network is rolled out fully!