Google Stadia E3

Recap of June 2019 Stadia Connect Event

The first ever Stadia Connect event was held in June and allowed us the chance to learn about a load of awesome new Stadia features! But what was mentioned at the first Stadia Connect?


The first Stadia Connect finally gave us an insight into the price of the Stadia subscription. Revealed were two subscription packages: Stadia Basic—the free to play offering—and Stadia Pro—the premium subscription package, priced at $9.99 a month.


We also got to learn about a number of new games at the June Stadia Connect. As well as this, it was also revealed that the Pro membership would offer monthly free games.

Founder’s Edition

The big bombshell of the first Stadia Connect was the release of the Founder’s Edition—the early access version of Google Stadia that is coming out later this year.