Stadia Connect Event: An August 2019 Recap

The second Stadia Connect event was focused more heavily on games than the first was. This event gave us an insight into a number of the additional titles that we’ll get to see on the Stadia platform.

The second Stadia Connect event was broadcast live on August 19, 2019. The titles announced at the second Stadia Connect event were Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle, Cyberpunk 2077, Destroy All Humans!, Marvel’s Avengers, Orcs Must Die! 3, SUPERHOT, and The Crew 2.

This Stadia Connect event was mainly discussing games, however was much needed. We also had a chance to take a take a first look at the Google Stadia player interface — it looks great! We still think they left quite a bit out of the Stadia Connect event though, and there’s still so much more to learn about Stadia.

Which game are you most looking forward to playing on Stadia? Let us know in the comments below!

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