Google Stadia No Data Caps

Don’t Worry About Data Caps with Stadia

When people ask us about whether or not they’ll be able to play Stadia on their unlimited internet, there is something important to understand: most modern ‘unlimited’ internet connections are actually very much limited.

Internet service providers use data caps as a means of increasing the amount of revenue that they can get from a person (although they’ll justify these data caps as making the amount of internet used on unlimited platforms ‘fair’).

It is now known that only 2 hours of gaming a day at ultra high 4K resolution will probably get you up to your data cap, and anything over this will mean that you need to buy more data. While this might sound catastrophic, though, it isn’t the end of the story; if Stadia takes off as well as it is expected to, pressure will likely be placed on the ISP companies to make these data caps more generous.

Google Stadia Cloud Gaming Revolution

The Revolution. The Future. Google Stadia Gaming.

Google Stadia is the future of gaming and a true revolution of the gaming industry. For most of us, our childhood consisted of playing some sort of gaming console. Family parties and holidays were times when you’d get excited to play some 007 on N64, and plenty of other memories! Whether you were a competitive gamer or just wanted to have a fun time, consoles were part of our life. Google Stadia is going to change all that.

Welcome to Stadia and Cloud Gaming

It’s finally a time where hardware requirements aren’t needed on a consumer level. Google Stadia graphical power and capabilities are provided by Google’s data centers and servers. Welcome to cloud gaming. This means that you can have a very old laptop, or phone, tablet, and tons of other devices, and still be able to play games at super high quality. 60fps. UHD. And that’s just what we know before launch! That’s insane.

With cloud gaming, there’s no denying that the evolution of gaming is here. Gaming will be everywhere. Going to the store, boarding a plane, sitting through a lecture at school or even being on the clock at work — people can now game. Anywhere. Anytime. And you thought people bumping into you now while texting was bad!? Instead of browsing Connect Stadia, you could be gaming! 😛

The Greatness of Google Stadia

Google Stadia eSports Cloud GamingGoogle Stadia is incredible. We are Connect Stadia are ecstatic to even be able to have a community for it! We love the Stadia community! There are tons of features that open and expand the gaming industry to things it has never seen before. Being able to connect with a friend instantly to a game, and share that person’s exact inventory and location is possible with features such as State Share and Crowd Play. Now, you’ll be able to watch YouTube and connect with your favorite streamer, without having to do anything!

Stadia is amazing! The future is gaming is here and just going to change how the entire industry operates. Connect Stadia has realized that for a long time, however there’s been so much hate. This goes much more than just a console. It’s practically an entire social network for gamers. A living and breathing gaming empire.

What do you think about Google Stadia? Have you accepted it, or do you think it’s doomed for failure? Comment below!

Google Stadia Logo Doom Eternal

September 2019 Outlook for Google Stadia

Welcome back to another article from Connect Stadia! It seems like this summer has just flown by! The weather’s cooling down, school is starting again, and August 2019 is coming to an end. Here at Connect Stadia (and we’d imagine you, too!), we’re super pumped for Google Stadia’s release in November 2019.

As Connect Stadia continues to grow and more Stadia news is released, we’ll always be covering it! We’ve learned a ton of stuff about Google Stadia throughout the past few months, since its announcement in March 2019.

Connect Stadia hopes for amazing things and even more Google Stadia news this September 2019! We can’t wait to cover the latest and greatest Google Stadia news and updates. We’re even more EXCITED about games for Stadia! Connect Stadia is looking forward to more game developers and studios being announced in September 2019.

Here’s what Stadia Did at Gamescom

They aren’t lying — Stadia went BIG at Gamescom! Did you miss it? Check out what Google Stadia did this August 2019 at Gamescom:

Let’s Not Forget Stadia Connect

We can’t forget about Stadia Connect, which also occurred on August 19, 2019! Here’s a ton more info to stay updated:

What Are You Thinking?

What are your thoughts? Were you happy, upset or neutral with how Google marketed Stadia in August? Here at Connect Stadia, we think the Stadia Connect event this month could have been better for sure. It started great, but we would have loved to see more stuff! There still seems to be a TON of people who don’t really know what Stadia is yet, and that’s concerning.

Have you formed an opinion on what’s going to happen with Google Stadia in September 2019? What do you think is in store in September, and the coming months, for Google Stadia? Thanks again for being a loyal visitor of Connect Stadia, comment below!

Google Stadia PAX WEST

Google Stadia at PAX West in Seattle 8/30 – 9/2

Thanks for coming back to Connect Stadia for more Google Stadia! PAX West is officially here and Google has a booth set up for gamers to test Stadia! PAX West is a festival for gamers to celebrate gaming culture. It takes place in Seattle, WA from August 30, 2019 to September 2, 2019.

Connect Stadia will be following Google Stadia during PAX West! They’ve invited everyone on Twitter to come check out their booth to see hands-on what Google Stadia is really like. If you haven’t had a chance to try cloud gaming yet, now’s the time!

What are your thoughts on PAX West 2019? Will you be attending? The Connect Stadia community would love to hear your thoughts! Leave your comments below. Thanks again for being a loyal Connect Stadia viewer!

[August 2019] Google Stadia Full Game List

Hey everyone, just a quick update! Google released this infographic on August 27, 2019, of all the latest Google Stadia games. Check it out and continue to stay updated at Connect Stadia. Comment below on the games you’re most interested in playing!

Thanks again for visiting Connect Stadia! Check back often as we continue to update with the latest Google Stadia content!

Google Stadia E3

Recap of June 2019 Stadia Connect Event

The first ever Stadia Connect event was held in June and allowed us the chance to learn about a load of awesome new Stadia features! But what was mentioned at the first Stadia Connect?


The first Stadia Connect finally gave us an insight into the price of the Stadia subscription. Revealed were two subscription packages: Stadia Basic—the free to play offering—and Stadia Pro—the premium subscription package, priced at $9.99 a month.


We also got to learn about a number of new games at the June Stadia Connect. As well as this, it was also revealed that the Pro membership would offer monthly free games.

Founder’s Edition

The big bombshell of the first Stadia Connect was the release of the Founder’s Edition—the early access version of Google Stadia that is coming out later this year.

Welcome to Connect Stadia

Welcome to Connect Stadia. is your source for Google Stadia news, updates information and more. We’ll be thoroughly covering the Stadia Connect events, and will have more information available soon!

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