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Don’t Worry About Data Caps with Stadia

When people ask us about whether or not they’ll be able to play Stadia on their unlimited internet, there is something important to understand: most modern ‘unlimited’ internet connections are actually very much limited.

Internet service providers use data caps as a means of increasing the amount of revenue that they can get from a person (although they’ll justify these data caps as making the amount of internet used on unlimited platforms ‘fair’).

It is now known that only 2 hours of gaming a day at ultra high 4K resolution will probably get you up to your data cap, and anything over this will mean that you need to buy more data. While this might sound catastrophic, though, it isn’t the end of the story; if Stadia takes off as well as it is expected to, pressure will likely be placed on the ISP companies to make these data caps more generous.

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